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Around the NFL
Day ago
Around the NFL
7 days ago
Akish 19 hours ago
0:47 look at the confusion on his face 😂😂
Randy Benton
Randy Benton 19 hours ago
Jerry rice Joe montana omg
Randy Benton
Randy Benton 19 hours ago
Glen rice was awsome with california
Jackson Yeet
Jackson Yeet 19 hours ago
But who won the super bowl
Terrance Burns
Terrance Burns 19 hours ago
I honestly like how, even at his 10th Super Bowl, Brady still acts and plays like it's his first
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 19 hours ago
DK Metcalf is going to break all Jerry Rice records
49er Gold
49er Gold 19 hours ago
The best wide receiver ever
Blaine Van Horn
Blaine Van Horn 19 hours ago
And then my Steelers came back and won!!!! Yeah!!!!
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 19 hours ago
This match is amazing.
stevestojan 19 hours ago
We’re at a point where we’re celebrating people not slipping in water while dancing?
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 20 hours ago
I really want to boycott the NFL season.
Randy Benton
Randy Benton 20 hours ago
Thanks on all good games
Theodore Boosalis
Theodore Boosalis 20 hours ago
The Oakland Raiders drafting PUNTER Ray Guy in the first round - to me that's the craziest yet awesome pick - and he's HOF.
Dsowavyx 93
Dsowavyx 93 20 hours ago
The Saints were dumb as hell for doing that lol.
Maxen Prophete
Maxen Prophete 20 hours ago
If the Dolphins lands Pitts at 6 then Parsons at 18 or early boi..... THE DOLPHINS WOULD BE JAKED!!! Pitts teaming up with Geseki at TE and Parsons pairing up with Jerome Baker as MLB in our attacking 3-4 scheme... I’m just oozing w/ excitement. Let’s go 🐬
J Rod13
J Rod13 20 hours ago
Cowboys should've drafted Henry instead of Elliott
Blokboii Paul
Blokboii Paul 20 hours ago
“Josh Allen the pass rusher”
RaG3 Owlpack
RaG3 Owlpack 20 hours ago
Who came here from the tik tok talking about George Washington running a 40 yard dash in 4 seconds 😂
Ika Ayu
Ika Ayu 20 hours ago
Montford Point Marines
Tampa Two (2).
Black_ICE 4
Black_ICE 4 20 hours ago
The Michael Jackson of our Time
Calvin Parker
Calvin Parker 20 hours ago
Black Dog
Black Dog 20 hours ago
6:33 *_F*CK_*
4Stanzas 20 hours ago
The man's in league with the devil.
Prongs18 20 hours ago
Mango_Senpai 20 hours ago
He reminds me of Jay Cutler
NFL STARZ 20 hours ago
Who else came from madden face of franchise?
Bejman13 20 hours ago
I love listening to coach Belichick giving his raw address to his team about trusting eachother and everybody doing their job at 3:49. What a great message from a legendary head coach. Its often times the simple messages that motivates players. Theres no mystery here fellas, just trusting eachother, and everybody doing their job.
World's 1st ORTEGZ
World's 1st ORTEGZ 20 hours ago
Greatest Safeties of all Times NFL: 1. Troy Polamalu 2. John Lynch 3. Paul Krause 4. Larry Wilson 5. Ronnie Lott
oscar dublina
oscar dublina 20 hours ago
Purple Rain was classic song for a raining 🌧 super bowl
Eli Mikus
Eli Mikus 20 hours ago
as a cardinals fan, i'm sad. he deserves a ring. he's a hall of famer. period. some people are saying that julian edelman is a hall of famer. theyrs a difference between a great player, and a hofer fitz is a hofer and he deserves to win a ring more than anybody else in the nfl. change my mind
Rosario Rojas
Rosario Rojas 20 hours ago
NFL you need to kick tom brady out because he is a cheater and he cheats because he is a sore loser and better lose the rings
RobDaGoat 98
RobDaGoat 98 20 hours ago
Never leave tom brady 2 mins in a playoff game
David 20 hours ago
1:30 the time the beef between hill and witfield started
Darion Hale
Darion Hale 20 hours ago
BTW both QB’s three more interceptions then they did touchdowns
Tim Holmes
Tim Holmes 21 hour ago
Bring sean taylor back he would take the pro bowl serious
Darion Hale
Darion Hale 21 hour ago
I thought since the Rams beat the Buccaneers they’d beat the 49ers but ig not...😭
Dante Conway
Dante Conway 21 hour ago
That girl honestly stupid
Subbu Achar
Subbu Achar 21 hour ago
I love Bettis. More than a footballer, as a human being, as a family man. What a role model.
yo bitch jess
yo bitch jess 21 hour ago
i remember this performance being a lot shorter ...
Salva CG
Salva CG 21 hour ago
Shakira mundial Qatar 2022 please 👌
Leo Salazar
Leo Salazar 21 hour ago
Why does everyone forget this? This was 3 points aways from being the falcons vs Pat's game
Luis Figueroa
Luis Figueroa 21 hour ago
Creo que shakira le dijo a la hija de jlo mira como le enseño a tu mami a bailar para que aprendas jjjjj
KloneOne1111 21 hour ago
This dude was a human pinball, just lowers the shoulder and bounces. Truly amazing.
Ika Ayu
Ika Ayu 20 hours ago
Jose Gallegos
Jose Gallegos 21 hour ago
I see why niners picked him up 👍🏼
Vansh Patel
Vansh Patel 21 hour ago
They should have told us who they picked with the picks they traded for Ricky Williams
Jeremiah Garcia
Jeremiah Garcia 21 hour ago
since when was Jerry Rice on the seahawks
The Dude Man
The Dude Man 21 hour ago
Kay Adam’s a lil dark these days
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones 21 hour ago
I honestly forgot Coldplay was even there
Jack Wallis
Jack Wallis 21 hour ago
It’s really just the fact that the packers traded up for Love. Maybe they pick him as a value pick but they traded up????
saints fan
saints fan 21 hour ago
this the game brees just said was his last game at 100 percent... im going to miss my q.b... #whodat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard Lelli
Richard Lelli 21 hour ago
WR Jalen Camp 6.2 226lb, 4.43 40 yd dash, 39.5 vertical, 34 inch arms, 9 5/8 inch hands - 30 bench reps - a WR record! -- Compare Minn’s WR Bateman that is smaller, slower, shorter arms, and vertical stats with less production than Jalen Camp -- 2 TD's compared to 4 TD's, 39 yd long compared to 59 yd long, 13 yds/catch compared to 15 yds/catch -- with similar receiving yds and receptions against inferior competition.
Mike J
Mike J 21 hour ago
A-Rod looks like a lowkey killer in that thumbnail tbh
Ika Ayu
Ika Ayu 20 hours ago
Angarag Jambalsuren
What's the name of the music starts @ 4:11?
Sofia Santiago Morales
Shakira hermosa bailarina de talla grande, eres un amor!!!
Riv 21 hour ago
Just don’t believe Najee Harris will fall to the 2nd round
Bmore Tonne
Bmore Tonne 21 hour ago
Just One....?!?
Camera Mike
Camera Mike 21 hour ago
I really wish that’s how the game ended. Fitz deserved that Super Bowl ring more than the Steelers.
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar 21 hour ago
The nfl thanks you for watching this me: no thank you for posting this
Sofia Santiago Morales
La presentacion de j, valvin parece un payaso jajaja nada de elegante
Sahar Asgar
Sahar Asgar 21 hour ago
in house o balloons and blindin lights so satisfying to see the glooves ore everywhere in sync
The Dark Minuteman
The Dark Minuteman 21 hour ago
(Before 2020) It’s funny how the Patriots dominate the Bills especially in Buffalo, but when they play in Miami, the sky is falling.
Arvind Dhaliwal
Arvind Dhaliwal 21 hour ago
Bruno just won everything at 3:39
mansees 21 hour ago
Not an impressive workout. Probably will fall to the 4th or 5th round. There were two catches he dropped that have to be always made at the NFL level.
Black Dog
Black Dog 21 hour ago
I would love to see these teams go at it in the Super Bowl
trm 21 hour ago
Jackson makes most everyone look like fools. Coming from a Bengals fan. .... Mac Jones,. Lol.
Ika Ayu
Ika Ayu 20 hours ago
Corey Williams
Corey Williams 22 hours ago
My Fav WR of all time and imma Falcons fan
trm 22 hours ago
And the Bengals pick....
James Epler
James Epler 22 hours ago
Patriots were way too predictable early in this game. They played in a tight box with only a handful of options. The coaching staff put the Pats in a big hole. James White's grandchildren will be in awe of their grandfather's great work.
Alma Garcia
Alma Garcia 22 hours ago
Trent Roper
Trent Roper 22 hours ago
Fitz is my favorite player of all time
creighton goodwin
creighton goodwin 22 hours ago
In Georgia?!! Does that state have ANY credibility left? Maybe the Bulldogs should adopt "The Eyes of Texas" as their school song too...