Every Team's Strength of Schedule for 2021 

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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 100   
Bllizyy :
Bllizyy : 3 hours ago
it makes me so mad seeing that the whole nfc north is top 6 hardest
OmegaTsu Day ago
Dang it the one season we are ass is the season we get the easiest schedule
badsheep qou
badsheep qou Day ago
What exackly does .529 etc mean?
thewilmer420 Day ago
ironic how the team with the longest winning streak in a while last year now has the toughest schedule
Cat Fan
Cat Fan 3 days ago
I am glad the steelers have the toughest this year
Michael Darby
Michael Darby 3 days ago
Yes because let’s give the Bucs who just won the Super Bowl a very easy schedule
andrew MH
andrew MH 3 days ago
Saints with another easy schedule don’t expect a strong playoff push tho
Devin Posey
Devin Posey 4 days ago
So all AFC North teams are in the top 10 that’s crazy
Edwinrr 5 days ago
kinda funny how all of the teams in the nfc north have a harder schedule than the bucs
Joshua Hudson
Joshua Hudson 5 days ago
Zuras 5 days ago
Lol the steelers schedule was ass
omieg89 8 days ago
How do the Bears have a tougher schedule than the Packers?
Ian Osorio
Ian Osorio 8 days ago
It's funny how the strength of schedule starts and ends in Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has the hardest schedule while Philadelphia has the easiest.
Noah Haseloff
Noah Haseloff 13 days ago
They rly gotta do the NFC North like that?
V I N O 14 days ago
R.I.P to the NFC NORTH
Peyton Steffens
Peyton Steffens 14 days ago
Yay Steelers have the hardest😔
Eduardo Salaises
Eduardo Salaises 14 days ago
Even the nfl knows the Steelers have a hard schedule letsss go Steelers
Amir Hassanzadeh
Amir Hassanzadeh 15 days ago
How in gods name does the Bengals have the 6th hardest schedule while the better teams have a easier schedule
Paulo 15 days ago
All 4 AFCN teams have top 9 hardest schedules because they have to play each other lol
omieg89 8 days ago
Same with the NFCN
AndrewPlayzz 15 days ago
I think schedules should go off of the standings for the whole league not the sb champs having the 4th easiest schedule
Jennifer Hughes
Jennifer Hughes 15 days ago
buccs had it hard
Jennifer Hughes
Jennifer Hughes 15 days ago
Yung CS
Yung CS 15 days ago
Ok this is cap, Steelers had the easiest schedule, not even close
A Herding Corgi
A Herding Corgi 15 days ago
friendly reminder that "strength of schedule" literally means nothing.
Jjs Sadhu
Jjs Sadhu 13 days ago
What it does 😂
ErikF_Funvids 16 days ago
DragonEye96 Gaming
DragonEye96 Gaming 16 days ago
The Eagles have the easiest schedule? That amazes me.
J 16 days ago
Us raider fans are use to having a hard schedule 🥴
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond 16 days ago
Of course we got the 4th hardest schedule lol
Slothy Gamez
Slothy Gamez 16 days ago
What I’ve learned today The nfl hate the nfc north
jackson linn
jackson linn 16 days ago
Dolphins coming at Em this year
Dan R Goodnight
Dan R Goodnight 16 days ago
Tampa - Division winner, 1st round buy, back to the big dance !
Royal Flush
Royal Flush 16 days ago
Let’s go giants!
Nater Potater
Nater Potater 16 days ago
I think people don’t understand how schedule making happens. It’s not like they just look like “this makes sense” they actually have a system for everyone to follow
Charley Holsinger
Charley Holsinger 16 days ago
And the sad part is the cowgirls will still go 8-8-1 with that schedule
Charley Holsinger
Charley Holsinger 16 days ago
So if you are in a north division good luck with your schedule
Always Lit Music
Always Lit Music 16 days ago
of course the bears have a hard schedule
tov fut
tov fut 16 days ago
The poor nfc north they all got hard schedules
AnimeFlyz 16 days ago
Eagles with the easiest schedule and we are still gonna miss the playoffs -_-
Keenan Nash
Keenan Nash 16 days ago
I'm just here to laugh at people who think the schedule is rigged 😂😂😂
Drew Pocernich
Drew Pocernich 16 days ago
considering the kind of moves that have happened this offseason in free agency and the draft pick order, the Packers play the 49ers (who will be much better than their 2020 record would imply) and the Rams (who got Matthew Stafford). The Packers probably have realistically the hardest schedule especially now that the 17th game was added and they're playing the Chiefs. The NFC West also has a strength of schedule that is severely underestimated (especially the Seahawks).
Austin Stiefel
Austin Stiefel 16 days ago
Packers bout to go either 9-8 or 8-9 after going 13-3 lmao
Chicago Bears
Chicago Bears 16 days ago
Every season for each team is difficult it really doesn't matter who's schedule is easy
Centom 16 days ago
Let’s see how accurate it is this year haha
juronlee15 17 days ago
Buccaneers have the 4th easiest is there something I'm missing?
Fire The Cannons- Super Bowl LV Champs
Schedules are built using a formula years in advance, they didn’t deliberately make our schedule easy
Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III 17 days ago
I CANT STOP LISTENING TO PAUL ALLEN (Greatest Vikings Reporter Ever)
Tulsa Productions
Tulsa Productions 17 days ago
3 nfc north teams were in the top 5 for hardest, just saying
Selma Mcalister
Selma Mcalister 17 days ago
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 17 days ago
AFC North teams have the hardest schedules.
Paxton Harris
Paxton Harris 17 days ago
The NFC north has the hardest schedule
Доналд ФКН
Who plays agains NFC East have better schedule. Super statistics
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons 17 days ago
Of course y’all hate bears
Geovanni Campos
Geovanni Campos 17 days ago
Go bears
Dilpreet Thind
Dilpreet Thind 17 days ago
Bucs had an easy schedule last year too beating up on teams below .500
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 17 days ago
Me as a Steelers fan “welp it’s gonna be a looong season”
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 17 days ago
NFL stay doing Steelers dirty.
jimthar17 17 days ago
You idiots realize that these schedules are determined YEARS in advance, right? Nobody "gave Brady an easy schedule." Nobody "gave the SB champs the 4th easiest schedule". They would have had that schedule regardless. Weather Brady was there or not. Same schedule. Weather they won the SB or not. Same Schedule. If Jameis was still the QB. Same Schedule. If they drafted some kid out of college as QB. Same Schedule. GET OFF THE BULLSHIT.
Carson Blackwood
Carson Blackwood 17 days ago
19th hardest go pats
peebster 17 days ago
We got the 3rd easiest (falcons fan btw) we gotta atleast make it to the playoffs wit Drew Brees gone
jimthar17 17 days ago
Buccaneers going to take the division though. Better get the wildcard.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 17 days ago
The NFC east teams have easiest schedule for the simple fact their division sucks.
Juice wrld songs Rip
1:09 they skipped 7th hardest
Ripp X Plut0
Ripp X Plut0 17 days ago
nfc north bro XD
Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler 17 days ago
I always wanted to know who makes the schedule
jimthar17 17 days ago
A computer. Seriously.
Jeremiah Onate
Jeremiah Onate 17 days ago
starting to think the NFL just hates the NFC North
Sebastião Trigo
Sebastião Trigo 17 days ago
To think that people even doubt the AFC north is the best division amazes me. 1st, 2nd and 9th hardest schedule.
Vix_Turbot 18 days ago
Skol vikings
gta123savc45 18 days ago
Great, the NFL is gonna rig it for the Buccaneers. Fantastic!
Maximus Keene
Maximus Keene 18 days ago
the nfc north really got screwed over
Sebastian Tabshi
Sebastian Tabshi 18 days ago
The fact that the cowboys and eagles will both be trash is sad and I'm a cowboys fan lmao
khalifa_kk808 18 days ago
Get ready for more rigging!!
chilli Dog
chilli Dog 18 days ago
love how the player who made the play for the giants isnt even a giant anymore great desision on this one chargers fan here :D
DB1982 18 days ago
this gonna make Eagles look even worse at the end.
A lot of random
A lot of random 18 days ago
All wrong you guys don’t know how each teams gonna play and how they are every week is different and also every year
Ada _unknown_
Ada _unknown_ 18 days ago
It says a lot that the NFC North has 3 teams in the top 5 hardest schedules lol... 3. DA BEARS 4. GB 5. MIN Edit: Lol forgot Detroit.. It says a lot that the NFC North has 4 teams in the top 6 hardest schedules smh lol... 3. DA BEARS 4. Packers 5. Vikings T-6. Lions
omieg89 8 days ago
AFCN too 1 Steelers 2 Ravens t-6 Bengals 9 Browns
Savagebossjt 18 days ago
Steelers better have a hard schedule this past year they were practically given 11-0
Yaron Enciu
Yaron Enciu 17 days ago
@Savagebossjt They have the hardest for a reason. you can tell because they have to play Bills, Packers and Chiefs and all 3 are away games. We also play the Seahawks as our 17th game but at least that's a home game.
Savagebossjt 17 days ago
@Yaron Enciu yeah it says the Steelers will have a really hard schedule I’m saying they better after this last year
Yaron Enciu
Yaron Enciu 17 days ago
Did you not watch the video?
jerry flynn
jerry flynn 18 days ago
Colts have hardest I’m calling it
Declan smash
Declan smash 18 days ago
Man the nfl must hate the nfc north huh
Aidan Sanchez
Aidan Sanchez 18 days ago
My cowboys are still gonna find some way to go 8-8-1
Vance ProductionsTM 2
At least it’s not 8-8.
Jiglopuff 18 days ago
woulda been better if the schedules were shown
BlueToxic 18 days ago
Nice job really nice! Giving the Super Bowl champs a way easier schedule then the 1-15 jags lmfao
Fire The Cannons- Super Bowl LV Champs
Schedules are determined years in advance fool, they weren’t “given” anything. You can already find our opponents through 2024, they’re predetermined using a formula
Aidan English
Aidan English 18 days ago
Eagles with the easiest schedule😈
Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett 18 days ago
The more impressive stat than Brady's 7 super bowls is having one of the softest schedules for 21 years straight.
Tyler Cesena
Tyler Cesena 18 days ago
If the 17 game season goes through... packers play the chiefs. Hardest hands down
Hunter McGrath
Hunter McGrath 18 days ago
Some of these radio host's voices are deafening
GengarsEvilSpirit 18 days ago
The reason why the NFC East teams have easy schedules is because a 3rd of their schedules are against the other NFC East teams.
Dunkin Donut
Dunkin Donut 18 days ago
Packers fan: what's an easy schedule?
QT_Arts 18 days ago
dang the nfl must really want tom brady to get another ring like wtf
Fire The Cannons- Super Bowl LV Champs
@CNR nation Years in advance actually, this guy is an idiot if he thinks they gave him an easy schedule. It’s predetermined years in advance using a formula
CNR nation
CNR nation 16 days ago
The schedules are made a year in advance so it's not like they just threw s bunch of teams to play them at the end of the season for the next season.
TheRichGamer815 18 days ago
Ofc the lions got it hard 😂
Jay Man
Jay Man 18 days ago
watch the eagles have the easiest schedule in the NFL, and still have a terrible record
wrz2k14 18 days ago
John Cedillo
John Cedillo 19 days ago
They would give the eagles the easiest schedule just to go 0-17
PandaPoo Jr
PandaPoo Jr 19 days ago
entire nfc north is in top 6🤣🤣
Nathan Medved
Nathan Medved 19 days ago
Oh cmon the bucs are the 4th easiest facing the chiefs twice, the saints twice, the packers, like cmon
Glopin Boopin
Glopin Boopin 19 days ago
cowboys have the second easiest schedule but have to play the saints, chiefs, and buccaneers all away games
jimthar17 17 days ago
Saints without Brees will be doable but the Chiefs and Buccaneers are likely gonna roll them.
marco Sanchez
marco Sanchez 19 days ago
Look at all the bandwagon bucs fans been watching nfl since 2007 and never seen so many what bandwagons
Arya Nagaraja
Arya Nagaraja 19 days ago
Ayy eagles gonna win The number one overall draft pick
Bob Snyder
Bob Snyder 19 days ago
Pretty pointless considering how much turnover teams have from year to year
Andrew Kuhn
Andrew Kuhn 19 days ago
Ah yes the hardest schedule and we still went 12-4😌
ThatGuyAron 19 days ago
Denver top 5 easy. Our top 3 defense thinking. >:)
ThatGuyAron 19 days ago
Oh wow. Denver has a top 5 easy one?? Holy hell took like 50 years to stop screwing us over Denver coming for blood
Surya Ganesh
Surya Ganesh 19 days ago
Can't wait for the excuses this year when the Steelers make the playoffs😉
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