Rashod Bateman Pro Day Highlights 

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Apr 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
David Huff
David Huff 17 hours ago
Lacks speed and quickness.
Gavin Mcduffie
Gavin Mcduffie 18 hours ago
Bro I just met him today at football practice
Brad 21 hour ago
He will be a Cleveland Brown
The Magne
The Magne 22 hours ago
Let’s go U of M!!
Devin Coleman
Devin Coleman 2 days ago
I pray Baltimore drafts him.
Eric Quinones
Eric Quinones 3 days ago
@Philadelphiaeagles draft my dude at 37
Sid Black
Sid Black 4 days ago
To the Vikings at 14!
Thomas Taliaferro
Come to Tampa!
Darren Torain
Darren Torain 7 days ago
Ravens please I’m begging you he can be our number one
Seattle Based
Seattle Based 8 days ago
Reminds me of keenan Allen. Strong hands great route running
dave kunik
dave kunik 9 days ago
Bears at #20 Go Bears
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve 8 days ago
Hell yeah
Ronald Brockett
Ronald Brockett 9 days ago
Bateman Collins or derrishaw 1st round
Johnathan Brown
Johnathan Brown 9 days ago
Bears 🤔
Mikey Magee
Mikey Magee 10 days ago
The humdrum afterthought hooghly radiate because bestseller pragmatically moan for a waiting behavior. rightful, tasty outrigger
Rexto Buck
Rexto Buck 10 days ago
Rashod is my cousin
James Clark
James Clark 12 days ago
Dude if his last name didn't have a E it'll be so goated
CannedLife 13 days ago
~ C R I S P Y ~
King in the North
King in the North 14 days ago
Look good in purple!!!
Blake Swann
Blake Swann 14 days ago
Brilliant Route Runner with good size and hands. But sadly we don’t get to see these guys guarded even mildly just to show if they can to contested catches and speed if the line.
seansdp1 14 days ago
Just slip to the Ravens please love this guy
Estuardo Dacaret
Estuardo Dacaret 14 days ago
Hope he’s available at 31 for kc, would love to draft him
Tim 03
Tim 03 14 days ago
Hes not better than tyler johnson change my mind
Andy Villarreal
Andy Villarreal 15 days ago
i like him more than tyler johnson
Lachlan Broadhurst
Lachlan Broadhurst 15 days ago
Let's see Paul Allen's pro day
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 15 days ago
Mario McCoy
Mario McCoy 15 days ago
I ain’t gonna front, the young fella was poppin’ those routes like water in hot grease.
Hugo Peralta
Hugo Peralta 15 days ago
Icing on the cake is he can play in cold weather!
6rofoni 5lim
6rofoni 5lim 16 days ago
He’ll be a star. Come back to this comment at the end of next season.
Bryan Smith
Bryan Smith 16 days ago
Smooth! Double moves look fluid as hell, gets upfield ASAP with the catch, keeps his speed up through breaks too. This guy will make some DBs look silly for sure.
Anderson Sabillon
Anderson Sabillon 16 days ago
Going to green bay
kobi 2x
kobi 2x 16 days ago
ravens need this man
James Weatherborn
James Weatherborn 16 days ago
Eagles find a way to get this guy and a stud with yourb1st two picks make it happen.
chico 16 days ago
I would not at all be surprised if he ends up being the best receiver from this draft.
Charmness Yaaadigg
Charmness Yaaadigg 16 days ago
Eagles gunna grab him !
Lucas Kennedy
Lucas Kennedy 16 days ago
Hope someone gives the kid throwing to him a look too
Reggie reg HTTWFT
Reggie reg HTTWFT 16 days ago
We need to get this man
Da Kid Gowie
Da Kid Gowie 16 days ago
He's going to be a problem!
Blow' The Whistle
Blow' The Whistle 16 days ago
Fluid WR with strong hands zzz pick..
Patriot usa
Patriot usa 16 days ago
Yeah this dudes earning it
LaShaun McCall
LaShaun McCall 17 days ago
Vikings go get him JJ, Thielen and Bateman would be nasty.
Cakes Eadroj
Cakes Eadroj 17 days ago
This Bateman is nice.
Tom Schoeneb
Tom Schoeneb 17 days ago
Looked immensely fluid and overall controlled, love it
Gregory White
Gregory White 17 days ago
From the same hometown
NoLimit 247
NoLimit 247 17 days ago
Would Love to see him with the Vikings...Justin Jefferson duo omg.
D S 17 days ago
He is gonna be what everyone from his hometown thought Israel Troupe would be
Rough Draft Sportscast
Bateman will be one of the best receivers in this class. Shame he is so overlooked, he is a sure fire 1st Round talent. You don’t become the B1G WR of the Year without being a BADASS. He has size, speed, and genuine route running ability. A steal anywhere outside the 1st Round.
Griffin Hart
Griffin Hart 17 days ago
He’s gonna be the JJ of this class
Len 18 days ago
That Eagles banner at 0:23, an omen perhaps?
Kimberly Mason
Kimberly Mason 18 days ago
This guy reminds me of a Keenan Allen type of a player for some reason!!! He's going to be legit in the NFL..
Matt Gonzalez
Matt Gonzalez 18 days ago
Did not expect him to look this quick and sharp. Impressive stuff Mr. Bateman.
TheCrimedog 1
TheCrimedog 1 18 days ago
Prototype WR. Flawless.
Dillon Thomas
Dillon Thomas 18 days ago
I would love him in Washington but we need a linebacker!!!
The Law_v1001
The Law_v1001 18 days ago
If he starts turning his head earlier on short routes he might not drop anything.
meek Mond
meek Mond 18 days ago
Looked way better than tmarsh ravens might gotta trade up
lifewithjordan 18 days ago
If I’m the Eagles idc what no one says I’m taking this man at 12 he’s the Justin Jefferson of this draft
John Davis
John Davis 9 days ago
Yaw still have Ward and drafted 3 WR in the draft last year.
S Wood
S Wood 18 days ago
top 5 WR in the draft class
Alan Salinas
Alan Salinas 18 days ago
Ravens should jump on this if he falls to them edge rusher in the 2nd round this is the guy we need
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 18 days ago
Looked solid!
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher 18 days ago
I’m thinking maybe the Vikes ought to take him at 14
cmaxmill 18 days ago
and with the 27th pick in the 2021 NFL the Baltimore Ravens select.....
21 Karrots
21 Karrots 18 days ago
I want Washington Football team 🏈 too get this guy. But dam, don't see that happening. Too many other needs for us.
Irving Jackson
Irving Jackson 18 days ago
Possibly in a trade back?
Ronald Smith Jr
Ronald Smith Jr 18 days ago
Looks like the next Ravens WR.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 19 days ago
So what was his numbers
professor X
professor X 19 days ago
If the 49ers could get him in the 2nd to replace Kendrick Bourne they should
James Standifer
James Standifer 19 days ago
This dude looks smooth
Elijah Cable
Elijah Cable 19 days ago
Can we PLEASE put the 40 time in the video
Leo Pore
Leo Pore 19 days ago
Hes a better prospect than chase to me
Larry Leos
Larry Leos 19 days ago
His speed and catching will make him elite in the NFL
Mackmiller974 19 days ago
Damn Bateman looked really good
Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips 19 days ago
I have him and waddle as my top WRs
Jordan Adkins
Jordan Adkins 19 days ago
He's got Justin Jefferson written all over him. Just as Smith and Waddle have Ruggs written all over them
Misfit 3 hours ago
@ChickenMcNuggets look at Hollywood brown him and smitty are somewhat similar
ChickenMcNuggets 13 days ago
@Gilgamesh honestly if it wasn’t for the weight he would’ve been fine but it worries me
Gilgamesh 16 days ago
I have a creeping feeling smith might not do super well
ForbiddenJarl14 19 days ago
Yo lemme hop on that beat fr
Dave T
Dave T 19 days ago
He would look good in purple and black
William Saykao
William Saykao 19 days ago
Something about this guy screams Thielen to me.
Andrew Hiedelburg
Andrew Hiedelburg 19 days ago
Pats need dat man!!!
Darren Smith
Darren Smith 19 days ago
Best WR prospect in the draft dont @ me
slimjimmy 19 days ago
Batman Returns
Joseph Wang
Joseph Wang 19 days ago
I have a feeling people are going to come back to this video when this guy is a star in the NFL.
Dez Anderson
Dez Anderson 19 days ago
Bruh. NFL why y'all never post the numbers of the pro day, (40 yard dash, vert, height, weight)
dannyboy24 butler
dannyboy24 butler 19 days ago
The Green Bay Packers select Rashod Bateman WR Minnesota
Iceprod 20 days ago
nobody talking bout the dimes by the QB
CADE WENDZICKI 19 days ago
thats jackson erdmann i know him from the fan controlled football league watch his highlights,us-first.info/player/video/nLF_qqJ1aHdik6M.html and here is his college highlights us-first.info/player/video/mqt4pI95mqmRk5c.html
Frank L
Frank L 20 days ago
All these pro day videos are cool but put the results in the video. We see his 40 and 3 cone but no time given
David Santiago
David Santiago 20 days ago
Imagine if he had a QB throwing to him that would hit him in stride. Nobodys gonna catch him.
Leith Sukkar
Leith Sukkar 20 days ago
id b pissed at the coach at 1:57 dude literally made him slip
L Z 20 days ago
Thicker Stefan Diggs
Tavares Back
Tavares Back 20 days ago
send him to packers
carlos C.Z.
carlos C.Z. 20 days ago
The same goes nowhere in the Nfl, but his receiving hand placement is top top top.
Erv Brown
Erv Brown 20 days ago
boy look sharp for real..idk much about his health history, but if he stays on the field, he will be a PROBLEM
Giants4life 20 days ago
He might have wr3 over devonta Smith on my board😐
TedTucholski 20 days ago
Looked like a lot of loafing to me. Disappointing
Supreme Sandvich
Supreme Sandvich 20 days ago
In guessing this guy is gonna end up like Justin Jefferson, where he falls an extra 10-15 spots and whoever picks him up gets an elite talent
Misfit 3 hours ago
@Vyncz ravens will have two 1k yard receivers
Vyncz 7 days ago
hopefully ravens pick him up
Dj-SaVi 14 days ago
Gilgamesh 16 days ago
@Firechicken9213 Batemans is better and he’s more athletic
Firechicken9213 17 days ago
They both have similar route running ability
FRAYNETRAIN 20 days ago
Mini Davante
Ryan T.
Ryan T. 20 days ago
I never seen this kid play before but have been hearing about him. Checked this out and this kid looks good! He is gonna be a good NFL player
The Monkey Jokey
The Monkey Jokey 20 days ago
Reminds me bit of Justin Jefferson. Except he played less in the Slot. 👍
Bry Bry
Bry Bry 20 days ago
Welcome to the Baltimore Ravens
JOE Head
JOE Head 20 days ago
I can see him being a top 10 receiver in the future
Thompson Karngbaye
Thompson Karngbaye 20 days ago
I like how he runs all his routes at the same speed
Braden Houser
Braden Houser 15 days ago
not really in games though he has jet like acceleration but terrible stamina
mr t
mr t 20 days ago
Can you please post the drill times so we can know exactly how fast he is???
mr t
mr t 20 days ago
@Joe Dazzz Thanks
Joe Dazzz
Joe Dazzz 20 days ago
4.39 40, 36 inch vert, 10 foot 3 inch broad, at 6 ft 190 lbs.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 20 days ago
His route running is smooth. He has really good change of direction and body control . He's really quick out of his breaks too.
Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods 20 days ago
Chad Johnson ?