The Patriots 2020 MVP! #Shorts 

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Apr 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
Anna XXX
Anna XXX 8 days ago
*HI DEAR* BESTDATING.UNO US-first: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" youtube: be gone
TQB Clips
TQB Clips 10 days ago
This video lets you know the NFL has no content to talk about
Sawyer LeFevre
Sawyer LeFevre 10 days ago
The pats suck
Ashvin Varadaraju
Ashvin Varadaraju 13 days ago
jc jackson had 9 interceptions. get your facts right.
Cortez Perkins
Cortez Perkins 16 days ago
Antonio 23
Antonio 23 17 days ago
Spygate working
Derek Jackson
Derek Jackson 17 days ago
We need more politics in sports to bring the country back together.
Emma TopSex
Emma TopSex 18 days ago
*The do you want to flirt with me?* DATME.BABY US-first: Bu iyi Birisi: "Kahretsin" diyor youtube: gitmiş ol
Ima beast 3689
Ima beast 3689 16 days ago
@iSell RC so apparently we got more bots on here again
iSell RC
iSell RC 17 days ago
@Vxle2k thats what im sayin😭
Vxle2k 17 days ago
Simmons Stuff
Simmons Stuff 18 days ago
Did they just say 8 picks how is no one talking about him
Luke And Will
Luke And Will 18 days ago
That's a pro bowler right there!😲
why tho
why tho 19 days ago
That's the best play that pats had all season
CaughtTag2016 19 days ago
Tom Brad....oh wait.
Football FACTS For Fanatics
Hahaha SAME!!! also have a awesome NFL channel would appreciate a bears fan
ZioNxEvo™ 19 days ago
He had 9 ints not 8... how is NFL getting this wrong
David Sweet
David Sweet 19 days ago
Pat suck
Adam Zheng
Adam Zheng 19 days ago
Hes overrated and underrated at the same time
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R.I.P. Tommy
R.I.P. Tommy 19 days ago
Hate the Pats but at least show a better play
VoltXxShot2 19 days ago
Blake Mccallum
Blake Mccallum 19 days ago
Na it’s jake Bailey
Cyrus Ureña
Cyrus Ureña 19 days ago
Stephon Gilmore made the Pro Bowl with just 1 pick and only 11 games played. JC had 8 more and played all 16 games yet didn't even get any consideration.
2-op 18 days ago
cuz jc jackson is overrated and cant play cb1 he is horrible when playing cb1 stephon gilmore is still top 3
John Fortnite Kennedy
Well deserved
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander 19 days ago
And the Dolphins still won
triodesrbetter 19 days ago
I thought this was a highlight on the linemen.
mr w
mr w 19 days ago
he is gonna have one hell of a career in the NFL, he has so many great attributes and the willingness to improve too. That's a killer combo
NachoDude11 19 days ago
by far best player on the pats last year
aman k
aman k 19 days ago
I think this was the 2021 season but ok
Goldenstandard 19 days ago
Ezekiel Lockman
Ezekiel Lockman 19 days ago
Wait...New England had an MVP this season? That's something I never thought I'd hear anyone say LOL
Dan Rooney
Dan Rooney 19 days ago
The Patriots' MVP was Jake Bailey and it wasn't even close
Na8o. 19 days ago
Hey look! It’s Stefon Diggs’ son!
Geomteryism 19 days ago
JC Jackson had 9 INT's, not 8.
William Clark
William Clark 19 days ago
Go figure
Jordan Adkins
Jordan Adkins 19 days ago
You mean Chase Winovich? Because he's the one who made this play
Pats Fan52
Pats Fan52 19 days ago
JC balled out this year facts, but look at the play deeper. Winovich caused that interception with the pressure he put on Tua.
CurlyheadChris 26
CurlyheadChris 26 19 days ago
Please watch my US-first video 🥺
FAZE naruto
FAZE naruto 19 days ago
Yes he did good but Stefan Gilmore still did better Stefan let up less receptions less yards less touchdowns
NFL Shortz
NFL Shortz 19 days ago
Thought it was gonna be Jakobi Myers man had more td passes then incompleted passes
Big Soulja
Big Soulja 19 days ago
Are y’all gonna do this for all the teams
Ronald Taylor
Ronald Taylor 19 days ago
He played outstanding this year
2-op 19 days ago
@Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred facts he cant play cb 1 hes just a good cb 2
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
The INT shows it, but other than that, he's aight
2-op 19 days ago
Not really
Cup_of_Coffee 19 days ago
Brandon 19 days ago
tua turndaballova
Redgle 19 days ago
KiesXWhitney! 19 days ago
How the hell did he not the Pro Bowl or the All Pro Team like this dude super underrated
DannyB Plays
DannyB Plays 19 days ago
the ball was thrown right to him. any high schooler could've caught it
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena 19 days ago
You clearly didn't watch him this season if you are comparing him to a highschooler
tgrn uytgu
tgrn uytgu 19 days ago
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The Big Chap 101
The Big Chap 101 19 days ago
GB Baral
GB Baral 19 days ago
yeah but one question,why step out of endzone
that patriots fan
that patriots fan 19 days ago
He is extremely underrated
2-op 15 days ago
@UNKNOWN CHANNEL anyone can get ints
2-op 15 days ago
@UNKNOWN CHANNEL when comparing or evaluating cbs
2-op 15 days ago
@UNKNOWN CHANNEL Do ints matter?
@2-op ok u are bugging j.c jackson is the most underrated cbs in the league he got the second most interceptions among any cb and he is not even good smh
2-op 17 days ago
@No One they matter but anyone can get them easily, if ints matter that much than xavien howard is the best cb and paul krease is the best secondary of all time?
Barnuner 20 days ago
Credit #50 for that one though
Lordofcinder069 20 days ago
Are we not going to talk about the guy who caused that bad throw? Chase Winovich!
Tram Ngo
Tram Ngo 19 days ago
mr w
mr w 19 days ago
Yeah Winovich deserves legit respect on that, that pressure was immense. Dudes a beast.
David Figueroa
David Figueroa 19 days ago
Infinityquartz 20 days ago
And he still got beat by howard.
Kushtopha 19 days ago
People get beat all the time doesnt matter how elite you are.
ELECTRON 20 days ago
He in top 10 MAXIMUM
2-op 19 days ago
SeXy Keen
SeXy Keen 20 days ago
I don't remember anyone asking to post this video. . . . Did Bill hack this account. . . . ?
Colin Wills
Colin Wills 20 days ago
Really just an okay player. Sure the INT numbers are nice, but his overall coverage isn’t great, he just happened to be in the right spot 8 times this year.
Colin Wills
Colin Wills 19 days ago
@Live in d3nver nah we didnt play the pats
Live in d3nver
Live in d3nver 19 days ago
Sounds like he picked off you qb to many times this year
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
Thank you!
Calfreezy's Lanky Body
Want to clear something up about him being a pro bowl snub. The Patriots didn't have his name on the pro vowl voting. They kept his name off due to a bonus with his contract and financial reasons. So it was impossible to vote for him so he technically wasn't snubbed cuz no one COULD vote for him
Devin mccampbell
Devin mccampbell 20 days ago
Patriots 2020 MVP??? Oh the NFL got time today
FuryShadowShock aka ShadowKnight
Kinda funny that he lived in Florida before
Busted_SB 20 days ago
xavien howards better
B1AzaR 20 days ago
8 picks Wow
DJKhalek Podcast
DJKhalek Podcast 20 days ago
That’s my boi
jd 22
jd 22 20 days ago
Pro bowl snub 😂😂 diggs had 3 tds on him in a game.
JORDAN SAR 20 days ago
@jd 22 he had 9 tho...
jd 22
jd 22 20 days ago
@PhoenixGamer34 of course! But you cant get blown up for 3 and be a pro bowler. Unless you have like 9 ints or something and jc did not.
PhoenixGamer34 20 days ago
Diggs is a monster, though.
Dovi Berger
Dovi Berger 20 days ago
XxExternal BeastxX
XxExternal BeastxX 20 days ago
Who ever makes these titles please give this man a raise lol
aman k
aman k 19 days ago
@Ryan McTague Lmaoo
Ryan McTague
Ryan McTague 19 days ago
2020 season
spencer 19 days ago
bruh what
Kaden Korhummel
Kaden Korhummel 20 days ago
Remember when diggs had 3 tds on him anyone?
Demigod1 19 days ago
@Kushtopha EXACTLY
Kushtopha 19 days ago
Why do people expect players to never lose a matchup? Thats not possible. It doesn't matter how elite you are you are gonna win some and you are gonna lose some.
Everyday Sports Mania
Diggs isnt a good matchup, Diggs is a quick Deep Threat receiver JC is a Man on Man Aggressive CB
PhoenixGamer34 20 days ago
Diggs is a freaking monster, though.
Yuva The Beast
Yuva The Beast 20 days ago
Fun fact : He is rated the same overall in madden as Bradley Roby So disrespectful
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
@Everyday Sports Mania XH ain't underrated tf
Everyday Sports Mania
Xavien Howard, JC Jackson = Underrated
Andrew Chisholm
Andrew Chisholm 20 days ago
The patriots defense is going to be elite this year it’s basically 2019 defense with the additions of Judon, Jalen mills and henry anderson. With bellicheck coaching, It’s all about the offense holding their own.
Dylan Brooks
Dylan Brooks 20 days ago
Garfield The cat
Garfield The cat 20 days ago
who asked?
VS GFX 20 days ago
He had 9 picks
BuffaMan 20 days ago
The pats could probably trade Gilmore to get someone else on defense and put JC at 1
BrainSyphoned 20 days ago
Wonder why they didn't give it to Brady again? O wait, he got the MVP on a different team, my bad.
Aaron Steely
Aaron Steely 20 days ago
Kswagg Reacts
Kswagg Reacts 20 days ago
My pats KswaggReacts!!
The Arabic Stallion_Yt
patriots suck
Nightmare 20 days ago
And yet the mock drafts say we should draft a cb...
I missed the Joke
I missed the Joke 20 days ago
@DS Chung retired they have this rookie who is good tho
SosTdm 617
SosTdm 617 20 days ago
@DS chung retired
DS 20 days ago
Lol Gilmore, McCourty, and Jackson; plus Devin and Chung as safeties (I think we’re fine in the secondary)
Nathan Brode
Nathan Brode 20 days ago
I didn’t know trashy teams had MVPs
PhoenixGamer34 20 days ago
Every team has to have one, because if they didn't they wouldn't exist.
I missed the Joke
I missed the Joke 20 days ago
Dude you’re name is Nathan lmao
S&GP Mally
S&GP Mally 20 days ago
Your team is probably the jets stfi
ST4Y0UTM9L4N3BCH 20 days ago
JC and Jake Bailey
Kubush 20 days ago
Lamest franchise in sports. Tom Brady in a Bucs uniform is the best thing to happen to the NFL.
josiah jeffrey
josiah jeffrey 20 days ago
Yes sir one of the best cb in the leagues
New York Bandwagon
New York Bandwagon 19 days ago
@Everyday Sports Mania tbh, Bradberry needs to be higher and you can put him over White if I'm being real. Nevertheless, the list looks fine.
New York Bandwagon
New York Bandwagon 19 days ago
@John had shun Yuo White actually shadows number one receivers and can do it when relied upon, unlike Jackson. White is also effective in both man and zone, and has the versatility to play any corner position. The only thing Jackson beats White in is ball skills. I'm actually one of the Bills fans that are more critical of White, yet he's still better than Jackson. He can be considered a fringe top 5 corner, while Jackson can't.
New York Bandwagon
New York Bandwagon 19 days ago
@PhoenixGamer34 yeah Peters just has elite ball skills that allow him to snag those picks. He gets burned every now and then, but still solid in man.
Everyday Sports Mania
@Sean Cald JC also was lockdown and had 9 Interceptions... He should go play Safety if he wants to be a top Player, TFL doesn’t matter as a corner
Everyday Sports Mania
@Sean Cald Peters and Humphrey
Sayed Gomez
Sayed Gomez 20 days ago
But you tried to hide him from the pro bowl?
Jxwx 21
Jxwx 21 20 days ago
Should have made the pro bowl last season
2-op 18 days ago
hes a cb2
Pasto 20 days ago
still lost
Don Vu
Don Vu 20 days ago
Jc Jackson was snubbed from the pro bowl. Man hope he continues this trend in the 2021 season
Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred
@John had shun Yuo I'm talking about a CB, plus your logic and example made me lose brain cells
Tram Ngo
Tram Ngo 19 days ago
jd 22
jd 22 19 days ago
@John had shun Yuo why you talking about qbs now? Irrelevant
John had shun Yuo
John had shun Yuo 19 days ago
@Get Baited by Murphy of Alfred LOL so with that being said an elite qb should throw 300+ yards a game since he’s a pro bowler that’s how stupid u sound LMAO.
Ironaxe Tv
Ironaxe Tv 19 days ago
@jd 22 1 Td Diggs had against JC another one was a missed tackle my Jason Mccourty twice
Noah Rahimi
Noah Rahimi 20 days ago
Man's so underrated people don't even talk about him when they talk about underrated people
Christian Garner
Christian Garner 17 days ago
But Xavien Howard hasn’t got nearly the amount of respect he deserves
Angelo Geremia
Angelo Geremia 19 days ago
He is top 15
NFL Shortz
NFL Shortz 19 days ago
Agreed -bills fan
ChiefsFan 777
ChiefsFan 777 19 days ago
Yeah he is underrated
Ninjakat 20 days ago
@ELECTRON he was injured and playing on a team that couldn't care less. They lost brady opt outs for covid were because brady left
Juice Dungeon
Juice Dungeon 20 days ago
and he got snubbed from the Pro Bowl..
2-op 18 days ago
@Live in d3nver cb 2 is easier than cb 1 he doesnt need to be cut hes just replacable they can find someone the same easily
Live in d3nver
Live in d3nver 18 days ago
@2-op Um so just because he cant play cb 1 doesn't mean is some trash cb who needs to be cut and he hasn't had a lot of chances to play cb 1 because of gillmore plus hes was undrafted so you cant say he overatted when everyone in the nfl passed on him
2-op 18 days ago
@Live in d3nver he plays cb2 and hes shown he cant play cb1
Live in d3nver
Live in d3nver 19 days ago
@Dan Mathew Sounds like he picked off your qb this year so you come he to tell people the 2 most underated cb is overated
Dan Mathew
Dan Mathew 20 days ago
No he didnt get snubbed from the probowl he was absolutely overrated
Marcus 20 days ago
Yes Baby jc forever
Jeremiah Lee
Jeremiah Lee 20 days ago
Holley Wood
Holley Wood 20 days ago
Damn so y'all had to show a phins clip huh?
golden state warriors fan
I agree
Jason Dillon
Jason Dillon 20 days ago
The Real DPOY!
Awesome Firebro
Awesome Firebro 20 days ago
and that's why he didnt make it to the pro bowl
FN&M Football, News, and MORE.
Because we was to good?
Arjun Anand
Arjun Anand 20 days ago
Hot take: Jake Bailey deserves it more
St. Thomas Brady
St. Thomas Brady 20 days ago
Jake Bailey Best Punter
YEAH AIGHT 20 days ago
As a Patriots Fan JC been like this for 3 years. My M.V.P for the pat was Joe Thuney who now plays for the Chiefs
Jack Moro
Jack Moro 20 days ago
Not to mention he was undrafted
Everyday Sports Mania
and barely made team
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski 20 days ago
Goldyyy 20 days ago
If you comment "first" you get cancelled on US-first
NATURAL GAMING 20 days ago
See they still have amazing players everyone always says defense carries Brady but we can see from here concluded evidence that he indeed carries them! They still had dpoy on their team mr gilmore and well
NATURAL GAMING 20 days ago
Brady the goat
Ezekiel Loureiro
Ezekiel Loureiro 20 days ago
JC could’ve been in consideration for DPOY
YEAH AIGHT 20 days ago
As a Pat fan no
THE SPORTS HOUSE 20 days ago
Fun Fact: Everyone’s first until they refresh
Tram Ngo
Tram Ngo 19 days ago
Bradley Cheese Pepperoni
Unoriginal comment
Arto Mkhitaryan
Arto Mkhitaryan 19 days ago
@ELECTRON well now 67
xXxFlashBackxXx 20 days ago
@Shamar Woodberry maybe u need to reread when he made the comment
Shamar Woodberry
Shamar Woodberry 20 days ago
Jalen Seigler
Jalen Seigler 20 days ago
Hello everybody
swag lord
swag lord 20 days ago
Cant argue with that
the truth
the truth 20 days ago
Mason Juliano
Mason Juliano 20 days ago
Let’s go patriots ❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙
YEAH AIGHT 20 days ago
@Scott Penner who?
Scott Penner
Scott Penner 20 days ago
Let’s go jets