Troy Polamalu Top 50 Most Dynamic Plays! 

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Apr 7, 2021




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Comments 100   
Cal L
Cal L 8 hours ago
1:39 That spin he did to make the guard think he was dropping back in coverage was so sick.
World's 1st ORTEGZ
World's 1st ORTEGZ 20 hours ago
Greatest Safeties of all Times NFL: 1. Troy Polamalu 2. John Lynch 3. Paul Krause 4. Larry Wilson 5. Ronnie Lott
WARRIOR FOR YESUA 22 hours ago
The true Tasmanian devil
Patrick Franco
Polamalu was the total package safety that was an amazing asset for Pittsburgh, but feared by everyone else. Knew how to read the snap, had the catching ability and speed of a wideout. Truly amazing.
It's That Guy Wes
the dislikes are from people who got hit by troy...
Toxic gaming
Toxic gaming Day ago
That's y ill always be a Steelers fan..we had some. Great players on d team
Poopdeckpapi 2 days ago
The cleanest tackler ever.
Mitch Aser
Mitch Aser 3 days ago
That guy said “Pittsburg is going to the super bowl” a little too early for comfort
ariel peña
ariel peña 3 days ago
Good old days
Rene Mercado
Rene Mercado 3 days ago
Necesito su playera me gustaba mucho como jugaba y la velocidad q tenía reflejos un grande
Jorge Gaytan
Jorge Gaytan 3 days ago
Only Steeler fans knew which play was gonna be numero uno👍
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 4 days ago
NEGUS IBE 4 days ago
This man was LB playing Safety
Mike Tee
Mike Tee 5 days ago
I sure do miss #43 Palomalu...
Prashant Rai
Prashant Rai 5 days ago
Still cant understand why he wasnt included in top 100
Froze Dokkan Battle
The best highlights of his are his incredible on handed interceptions
Derrick B
Derrick B 5 days ago
I miss watching him and Ed Reed. If they was playing today game both will be getting penalties every single game 🤣🤣
Justin Clinger
Justin Clinger 5 days ago
6:33 he uses them to get up after the sack XD
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith 5 days ago
My favorite defensive player of all time. Always a class act on and off the field. Most fun defense to watch for sure!
DCJunior3 6 days ago
The greatest to ever play Strong Safety.
Heru Ra
Heru Ra 6 days ago
Troy was most def special
Ryan Cafin
Ryan Cafin 6 days ago
I was in that end zone when he scored on that number 1..crowd was electric
King Siahhh
King Siahhh 6 days ago
Michael Redkey
Michael Redkey 6 days ago
The timing of Troy was INSANE
Mike Folmar
Mike Folmar 7 days ago
troy v chris johnson, that's the play I'd show to anyone ,
King Reesey
King Reesey 7 days ago
Favorite safety
Riley Jones
Riley Jones 7 days ago
4:16 mans got tired of blocking him lol
Kousuto 7 days ago
v v v v v v v v v v
Gk_Nasty 7 days ago
Watching this video made me realize that Troy Polamalu could have been a rb.
Tay YoungGod
Tay YoungGod 8 days ago
He was too good
Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life 8 days ago
Watching this out a spring in my step. Hopefully Troy won’t knock my feet out from under me. If you don’t like watching him, you don’t like FB. So great!
Connor Peoples
Connor Peoples 8 days ago
Polomolu was the first obj
Spooterman 8 days ago
Imagine if Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu were on the same team? that would not be okay for other teams
C gap
Michael Kobler
Michael Kobler 9 days ago
Freak of nature 💪
Hunter Malhotra
Hunter Malhotra 9 days ago
10:03 That was classic Steelers' defense back in our glory days. Harrison wacks the quarterback, Polamalu does the rest. Harrison + Polamalu both won DPOY's. What a duo.
DaWayn Easton
DaWayn Easton 9 days ago
Troy was the truth
Cordell Collins
Cordell Collins 9 days ago
Let’s See, Joey Porter, Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Brian Urlacher, Lawyer Milloy, Lance Briggs, Willie Mcginest, Brian Dawkins, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, Khalil Mack, Julius Peppers, Michael Strahan, Luke Kuechly, James Harrison, Adrian Wilson , Kam Chancellor, Jerome Bettis, Mike Alstott, Brandon Marshall, Curtis Martin, Eddie George,
Jonathan LaRosa
Jonathan LaRosa 9 days ago
the greatest
Forever Forgiven
Forever Forgiven 9 days ago
Only 50??? Nah No Way I’ve seen him do more then 50 in a single season let alone his entire career. Let’s get this straight he was the BOOM before the legion.
ES90745SJ 10 days ago
The G.O.A.T
Justin Carr
Justin Carr 10 days ago
The NFL had 2 of the best safeties of the 2000s and probably ever playing in the same era and in the same division, unreal.
Kyle Jarvis
Kyle Jarvis 10 days ago
And he’s not getting up after every play showboating and taunting. He’s fixing his uni and getting ready for the next play
JA ESE 11 days ago
Goat 🐐
Bradley Henry
Bradley Henry 11 days ago
Getting to watch Troy, Reed and Dawkins in the same era was pretty exciting watching them play.
Rascalnicough 11 days ago
"Thrown down like a small child" lmao
Clayrock 11 days ago
99 overall at its finest
Riahs Crew
Riahs Crew 11 days ago
Who remembers when Troy got fined for saying the game is getting soft 😂 😂
Tyki Mikk804
Tyki Mikk804 11 days ago
He was a beast
Evan Sullivan
Evan Sullivan 11 days ago
As a Ravens fan Troy was a problem the one steeler i respected and feared the most
MiniMix Animation
MiniMix Animation 11 days ago
Lol he was the only reasons that I'd watch a steelers game
Frank Riel
Frank Riel 11 days ago
How does he time everything so perfectly? Must be wall hacks :DD
Damien Saiz
Damien Saiz 11 days ago
now do the top fifty of the best safety period, Ed Reed
Jakob Knapp
Jakob Knapp 11 days ago
I miss that man. One of the greatest to ever wear that uniform
BzE Khalid
BzE Khalid 11 days ago
Sheesh the nostalgia watching those plays! Man the greatest safety to ever play the game. That was a different animal on the field and nobody can say different.
Ahmod Dickerson
Ahmod Dickerson 11 days ago
Is he in the hof yet ?
Jeff Brower
Jeff Brower 11 days ago
So he picked off Romo, Brees, Manning, Farve ... any other safety did that ?
hgkal808 11 days ago
The greatest Free Safety ever! If not who? No other NFL defensive player impacted the game from the line of scrimmage to the deep zones like Super Sole 43.
Giovanni di Capo
Giovanni di Capo 11 days ago
NOT 1 Pick off Brady though! Picked off Manning, Vick, Favre, Ryan, Brees not Brady.
Y&M Studios
Y&M Studios 11 days ago
vinny eguakun
vinny eguakun 11 days ago
Derrick Nichols
Derrick Nichols 11 days ago
Im only giving a thumbs down on the score against my Ravens
Aaron Kennedy
Aaron Kennedy 11 days ago
I'm taking 30 mins to watch a 10min video because this dude making me rewatch every single one of these plays
Aaron Kennedy
Aaron Kennedy 11 days ago
#40. Did this dude just do a "360 look around hesitation" 13 yard sack? That was crazy!!
Adrian Campa
Adrian Campa 12 days ago
Real defensive monster .
Ezequiel Castillo
Ezequiel Castillo 12 days ago
Two Cents *
Two Cents * 12 days ago
Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and be saved 🙏
Elijah James
Elijah James 12 days ago
They have to do 50 Deion plays
EJ 13
EJ 13 12 days ago
1.Ed Reed 2. Brian Dawkins 3. Troy Polamalu
TradeGuru 12 days ago
THE greatest safety of all time and it's not even close. GOAT
Walter Paddick
Walter Paddick 12 days ago
This guy...just amazing!
Isaac Iona
Isaac Iona 12 days ago
Skittledime 12 days ago
Any other Samoans in the chat besides me?
Andrew Kuresa
Andrew Kuresa 12 days ago
Riot Ninja
Riot Ninja 12 days ago
Daquan McDonald
Daquan McDonald 12 days ago
Bro legit was one of the best playmakers in the NFL
Jacob Ball
Jacob Ball 12 days ago
I'm not even a Steelers fan but holy poop. There will never be another troy. Wow
Shariff Singh
Shariff Singh 12 days ago
This mans football IQ is on 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
rafael rosado
rafael rosado 12 days ago
Better then Ed reed
matasuki 12 days ago
Him and Ed Reed are the greatest safeties to ever play the game.
Juan Reyes Jr
Juan Reyes Jr 3 days ago
You either don’t really mean that or just don’t know! Ronnie Lott is GOAT of safeties, TP 43 could be 2nd for sure but if Sean Taylor never dies at his young age he would’ve been better than Ed Reed and close to number 1 as it gets.
Dany Estrada
Dany Estrada 12 days ago
The only man that as a true 10 minute highlight video!!!
C-manz_69 12 days ago
Never forget when he blitzed the c
astingrayguy51 13 days ago
Green screen anyone
cory prange
cory prange 13 days ago
Troy took so much pressure off offenses by putting them on defense 😆
Victor Benitez
Victor Benitez 13 days ago
Best safety of all time
Ray Lewis
Ray Lewis 13 days ago
Ray Lewis is better if you disagree your a bias Steelers fan
Arsim Ibraimi
Arsim Ibraimi 13 days ago
No one like him
Chucky Daniel Martin
Is it green?
Zach 13 days ago
AloneSlotHits 13 days ago
best all around safety
Ross Fager
Ross Fager 13 days ago
He was just different.
David J. Cales
David J. Cales 13 days ago
If football had a main character.
Jack 13 days ago
people have the audacity to compare him to ed reed
Jacob McCoy
Jacob McCoy 13 days ago
greatest hybrid safety
kris f
kris f 13 days ago
#6 should be #1
Jacob McCoy
Jacob McCoy 13 days ago
i think they put 1 at 1 just because it was a crucial playoff play
James 13 days ago
Damn he did some real damage to the bengals and the titans lol
Deathevokation 13 days ago
Sick. Super sick, dude!!!!!! Saw his entire career. Hate the Steelers as a Boys fan. Well earned HOF honors for Polamalu!
Samir Ahmad
Samir Ahmad 13 days ago
My favorite player of all time
xSteel FeveRx
xSteel FeveRx 13 days ago
Troy Polamalu had a phenomal once-in-a-lifetime talent that could not be taught.
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butts 14 days ago
6:02 wtf freakish
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